Eddystone Paravane


The Eddystone self weighted Professional Paravane is a trolling depth controller for use when fishing from a boat with rod, handline or outriggers. 

Use a Trolling Paravane to get your lure or feathers down deeper and precisely control the depth.


A trolling paravane is a plastic device that works like an inverted wing, diving deeper as boat speed increases and dragging your lure down to a greater depth than it would otherwise achieve.


They're attached between the main line and the leader, where your trolling sinker would otherwise be.


On some models, like the one shown here, there's a choice of attachment positions, the furthest aft producing the steepest diving angle and vice versa.


Similarly, there's a choice of attachment points on the trailing edge, which can be used to pull the lure off to port or starboard - very useful to get some separation when trolling two lines.


The leader should be around 7m (23 feet) long to prevent the turbulence created by the device from spooking the fish.


Most paravane designs are ballasted by a moulded lead weight attached to the forward end.


They capsize when a fish strikes the lure, converting the dive effect to climb , which brings the fish to the surface where you''ll see it splashing about astern.


They're at their best when trolling small lures at moderate speeds.

Eddystone Paravane

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