Ghost Coccoon Thread to secure soft baits to hook for casting/security.


Ghost Cocoon Elasticized Bait Thread is for tying firm baits like clams, hard shelled crab, fish fresh fillet of fish, squid... etc to a fishing hook. All bait threads are not the same. Ghost Cocoon Bait Thread features a translucent fibre that just about disappears when the bait is immersed in water. Ghost Cocoon is virtually invisible when applied to bait. Ghost Cocoon is made with many ultra thin fibres, it wraps the bait like a spiders web - making it virtually invisible in the water. Traditional Bait Threads and Elastics usually have much thicker fibres making them more visible to wary fish. Ghost Cocoon is easier to use than traditional Threads and Elastics.

Unlike traditional Bait Threads and Elastics which are wound around a core and dispensed from an outside end. Ghost Cocoon - as the name suggests - pulls directly from the centre of the cocoon. This means that the Ghost Cocoon will always be clean and run freely without snagging. Ghost Cocoon does not rot and has a virtually indefinite shelf life. No rot, means no waste.


How To Use Ghost Cocoon Elasticized Bait Thread

Lay bait alongside the shank of the hook and bind-on by wrappng with ghost thread, adding more tasty morsels of bait as you go along until you make your baited hook to the desired size & shape. Finish off the job with two half hitch knots; although this may not be necessary as the Ghost Cocoon threads are often self binding.

Ghost Coccoon Thread