The Kronos Pro Surf 8000 Reel gives you a lot of reel for your money......


When you need a powerful retrieve and reliability without frills, the now is the time for rugged, plain and efficacious reels, such as the new Kronos Pro Surf. An extra strong graphite body combined with an aluminium forged long cast spool and a powerful drag, featuring oversized discs, able to face whatever difficult situation on the shore.

The weight is light, so you can couple this reel even with light surf rods, but still a very good choice cause of the casting skills.

Gears are smooth thanks to 6 Long Life ball bearings and one way clutch.

The aluminum handle is long and making a good lever when retrieving heavy preys. This reel comes with spare graphite spool.

 Stainless Steel Long Life Ball Bearing
  with saltproof treatment
• 1 Stainless Steel Roller Bearing
  with saltproof treatment
• Worm Shaft + S.O.S. System
• Cold forged long cast superlight aluminium


• CNC Fighting Handle With EVA knob
• Infinite Anti Reverse «One Way» System
• Front Drag System with teflon coated magnum
  drag washes
• Anti Twist Line Roller
• Spare graphite spool


55 4.7:1 (100cm) Ø 0,30mm - 450m 1 6+1

Kronos Pro Surf 8000 Reel

SKU: RL245/780