Live Bait Slider 10g x 2


The Live bait Slider is a neat gadget which allows you to cast your fishing weight to where you want to fish and then slide a live bait down the line to present it in just the right spot.


The unique design means that the bait can only travel in one direction so it allways heads towards the sinker and cannot come back up the line.


Perfect for getting a pout or mackerel live bait just behind the surf line for bass or to get a fresh whiting out in the tide run for big cod during the winter months.


The Slider is simple to rig as it comprises just two parts.


The first is a large solid ring with a swivel. This you attach to the end of your leader with a further 3' to 4' of leader line going to your sinker. This completes the 'terminal tackle' and you simply cast the sinker to the spot where you want to fish, tighten the line and place your rod in the rest. (Grip leads work best as they hold the line in postion correctly and keep a constant tension on your mainline)

The second part is the slider itself.The swivel is used to attach your trace, chosen hook (semi circle hooks work well but standard J hooks can be used if prefered) with live bait. At the opposite end to the swivel is a 'coil' and this needs to be twisted onto the mainline so that the 'boom' and swivel point towards the sinker. By raising the rod you can now slide the bait into the sea where it will swim down the line until it comes to rest against the solid ring.

Place the rod in the rest, set your drag and wait. There are 2 sliders per pack


Live Bait Slider 10g x 2