Odin Slow Pitch Jig 150g Orange & Gold


1 per pack in colour described - other colour shown alongside for comparison.


Named after the Norse gods we have designed these superb Slow pitched jigs in conjunction with Matt Forester from Silver Halo Charters, in our opinion the U.K’s leading Slow pitch Jigging expert.

‘Norse’ slow pitched jigs feature:

  • Top quality black twin assist hooks with kevlar strings

  • Black tube protectors 

  • Super durable coating

  • Size 150gm / 160 gm jigs  - 3/0 double assist hooks

  • Size 200gm  - 4/0 double assist hooks


Matt says: 

"Creates an excellent sliding and fluttering action with either short punchy pitchea or long high lifts and falls. A great all rounder!”

Odin Slow Pitch Jig 150g Orange & Gold